Hail Of Arrows - Hail Of Harrows Double Cassette Edition of 100 copies


Gavin Russom presents his new project ‘Hail Of Arrows’, an uncompromising four-part synth drone odysessy about birds of prey reclaiming Manhattan Island and creating a civilization in the leftover buildings and landscape, free from human interference. Released on limited double cassette, this is Gavin Russom at his most bold and audacious, recalling his previous benchmark collaborative work "The Days of Mars" for breathless imagination.

Gavin Russom on HAIL OF ARROWS

"Conceptually Hail of Arrows was inspired by living in far uptown manhattan (a wilder part of the city in many ways) and this item from the parks department about falcons re-settling in the urban environment, especially atop the nearby George Washington Bridge): www.nycgovparks.org/parks/fortwashi…ighlights/12810
This idea gelled in my mind with the ideas most elegantly captured in the 1981 film "Wolfen": www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CVtWfYOdbg and led me to create these 4 sonic visualisations.

Tape 1

Side 1: Reclaiming the City, Banding Together
Side 2: Awakening in a Changed World, Exploring the Landscape, Knowing Freedom

Tape 2

Side 1: Forming Alliances among Animals, Protecting the Land
Side 2: Evolving into the Unknown, an Age Without Human Interference, Decolonization

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